The GraceGift Vision
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My goal as a breeder is to bring into the world sound, beautiful athletes that have the natural aptitude to participate in agility, obedience, freestyle, rally, sighthound lure sports, tracking, flyball, and other sports.



My ideal is a confident, friendly whippet that is easy to live with, easy and fun to train, and easy on the eyes. My ideal is a structurally and mentally sound whippet with the following traits:

  • loves to play the training game
  • will play the training game equally well for treats, toys, or my attention
  • retrieves toys with enthusiasm
  • lives in harmony with other dogs
  • is keen to chase the plastic bags used in sighthound lure sports
I do not raise a litter very often because I invest a great deal of effort in laying an early foundation for performance events and I expect to keep one or two pups from every litter I raise. The Puppy Rearing Log for my 2003 litter provides a snapshot of the types of experiences I provide to young pups. If you are interested in a GraceGift whippet that has been bred and reared with performance events in mind, feel free to contact me. A litter is planned for summer-fall 2006.

GraceGift whippets are raised and maintained with a holistic approach to health that includes a home-prepared diet, herbal and homeopathic medicines as needed, and minimal vaccinations.

Adele C. Monroe, DVM, MSPH

My History in Dogs

Banner photo of GraceGift Whatever Works by James L. Kramer
Photo of Pepsi (GraceGift Glass Half Full) by In Motion
Photo of Philippides (GraceGift Go the Distance) by Kathleen Schaffer, Pup Art


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