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  • Philosophies of Life: 2003 litter
  • Friedrich, WRCh; amateur racing (NC)
  • Pepsi, CGC SC RA OA OAJ
          agility, lure coursing, rally (GA)
  • Philippides, AX AXJ; agility (TN)
  • Sky, CFF-I, CFF-II, CFF-III, CFF-IV; freestyle (NC)
  • Ever; agility (TN)

    Men on a Mission: 2006 litter

  • Wynn, JC, W-TFD/MF
          freestyle, rally, lure coursing, racing (OK)
  • Bing, W-FD/MF, W-TFD/MF; freestyle (OK)
  • Sultan; flyball (Ontario)
  • JJ; tracking, agility, obedience (MO)
  • Arkies; agility (TN)
  • photo of Friedrich in a stretch by James Kramer
    photo of Paddler in #4 jacket by Todd Shirey
    photo of Sky doing a sidepass (a freestyle maneuver) by Duane Bryant
    photo of Pepsi in tire jump by Stewart Event Images

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