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photo of Watson in weave poles

GraceGift James Watson, W-TFD/MF, JC
Male whippet born August 15, 2006
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training 2007 Jan 1

March 10, 2007, Wynn went to his new home in Oklahoma with Pam Sheehan, where he will get to enjoy freestyle, rally, obedience, and some racing. Pam owns 4 paws training, LLC, in the Tulsa area.

Here is an excerpt from the e-mail Pam sent the morning after they arrived home:

Subject line: Nike says - But I didn't want a little brother!!!

Wynn is CUTE! I don't think I was expecting "cute" but I think he will be eligible for cute points.

He is like a Bull in a China Shop, (hence his initials below). After having Nike - a girly, girl (RSP stands for Really Sweet Puppy) this guy has blown in like a tornado. My husband was laying back in his Lazy boy and Wynn decided that it was just as easy to use husbands chest as a spring board as it was to go around the obstacle! He seems very bright, inquisitive and finally learned the dog door after a few tries. He was not getting the concept at first of walking through what appeared to be solid door! (I did successfully, and on purpose, use some observational learning with Wynn watching Nike go in and out of the doggie door.)

He is getting out all the toys that have been sitting in a basket for years and playing and flinging them around. He is very food motivated and I'm going to have to rearrange my house - and put up a lot of stuff. He may only be 20+ inches tall but standing on his back legs and looking at the tops of tables and counters seems as natural as breathing to him. He is already demonstrating good problem solving abilities and I suspect he's "smarter" than Nike - but we'll never tell her so it will be OK.

My husband is laughing because he says Nike is looking at him exactly the same way that the Yorkies did when she came to live with us. Payback is He..... Initial reactions appear that my choice of getting a male dog that is Nike's size will work. (For those that don't know - Nike was a true female dog to my yorkies - but she is dog submissive to most dogs her size or larger.)

Anyway, we are going for our first outing in a few minutes to Southern Ag to get the breeder recommended food and socialize to the world and PetSmart (gonna see if PetSmart has any coats on clearance). Then I gotta clean the yard of all the dangerous stuff that wasn't dangerous before today. It's amazing the hazards that you notice when you have an adolescent dog zipping through your yard dodging in and out at Mach 1!!!!! And then clean the kitchen of all the chewable stuff that wasn't chewable stuff till today! Then stop over Jan's and get my extra wire crate stored over there because I'm thinking a cloth crate will only be good when sitting next to the dog for a few months! Looks like I'll also have to get waste baskets with lids or stop blowing my nose.

Pam & Nike, RSP (Border Collie)
Wynn the Whippet, BiCS
(nike's page) http://www.nikesmom.com/nikethe.htm
(wynn's page) http://nikesmom.com/wynn_the_whippet.htm

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