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photo at 4.5 months

GraceGift Gregor Mendel
Male whippet born August 15, 2006
Sire: BIF FC Domino Pop Goes the Weasel, WRCh, ORC, FCh, SC
Dam: Kentfield's Atalanta, WRCh

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4 to 10 weeks
3.5 to 4.5 months

If a breeder has a clear vision, carefully studies bloodlines and pedigrees, and gets lucky, every great once in a while a dog is born who brings that vision to life. For me, Matthew is such a dog. By the time he was one week old, his attitude was clear: "Don't hold me back, don't get in my way, I'm on a mission!"

Matthew has all the qualities I could want in a whippet:

  • happy, outgoing attitude, with a smile and wagging tail for everyone he meets
  • very strong, innate keenness to chase white plastic bags
  • intense focus and concentration when playing the training game
  • keen intelligence; learns new behaviors quickly
  • enthusiastic natural retrieve
  • natural aptitude for tracking; tracks with a deep nose
  • and that elusive quality that I call self-control

... all in a handsome, beautifully balanced, moderate, athletic body.

Matthew is one of those special dogs with the natural aptitude to participate in any dog sport available to whippets. My primary interest is Canine Freestyle Federation (CFF) freestyle, so we will start there and see where the future takes us.

I extend heartfelt thanks to Merril Woolf (Kentfield whippets) for allowing Atalanta to join my family, to Donna Miner (Domino whippets) for her "over the top" generosity in making Ferret available to sire the Men on a Mission, and to both of these ladies for their ongoing friendship and support.

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photo by Shari Bryant

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