Men on a Mission
Pups born August 15, 2006 (all males)

Named after naturalists, scientists, and other men whose life's work changed the way we view the world.
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  • The early days (August 19)
  • Eatin', sleepin', and growin' (August 26)
  • Profiles, day 12 (August 27)
  • Puppy sleep positions (Sept 3)
  • Puppy first meals (Sept 3)
  • Puppies at play, 3 to 5.5 weeks of age (Sept 25)
  • Puppy fitness center 1, building physical and mental agility (Sept 25)
  • Puppy fitness center 2, new equipment added (Sept 25)
  • Puppies at play 2 (Oct 1)
  • Pups and people (Oct 1)
  • Pups in action (Oct 1)
         Note: the puppies exceeded the limits of the available technology in these action photos.

    See the 2003 Puppy Rearing Log to see how GraceGift puppies are raised with performance events in mind.

  • The Parents

    Sire: BIF FC Domino Pop Goes the Weasel, WRCh, ORC, FCh, SC

    Dam: Kentfield's Atalanta, WRCh
    Pedigree of Pups



    Ferret is descended from a line of biddable, natural retrievers that are keen to chase the lure. In addition to his running titles, Ferret has one leg toward his CD, earned on his first attempt at 2 years of age, but he's been too busy running to finish that title. Ferret and all four of his siblings are ASFA lure coursing Field Champions and enthusiastic retrievers.

    Ferret's dam was a littermate to Leslie Nelson's Scarlet (Sheimar's Unforgetable, AX, AXJ, OAP, OJP, CD, FCh, SC) and Patty Ruzzo's Flyer (Sheimar High Flying Finish, CDX, FCh).

    Atalanta passed on her focus and work ethic to her 2003 litter. The owners of those whippets have exceeded my wildest expectations; 6 of the 8 pups have some type of performance title:

    • Pepsi, OA, OAJ, RN, SC, CGC, showing in excellent agility
    • Phillipides, OA, OAJ, showing in excellent agility
    • Sky, CFF-I (freestyle), earned at his first trial
    • Friedrich, WRCh (straight track racing champion)
    • Journey, JC, CR (junior courser, companion racer), training for Rally and freestyle
    • Paddler, CR
    Ever expects to debut in AKC agility in 2007, and Gabriel's owners are exploring obedience and agility for fun.

    I expected this breeding of Atalanta to Ferret to produce whippets that are easy to live with, are easy and fun to train, and have the natural aptitude to participate in a wide variety of sports.

    By 12 weeks of age, it was clear that I got what I was looking for.

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