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GraceGift Glass Half Full, CGC SC OA OAJ RA
Female whippet born 21 April 2003
photos at 7.5 months

Sire: Shoreline Barje DJ Kid
Dam: Kentfield's Atalanta, WRCh

Breeder: Adele C. Monroe, DVM (GraceGift)
Owner: Pam Fandrich, DVM, Savannah, GA


From Pam, 28 November 2004:

"In my whippet lifetime (more than 11 years), I have heard some fairly ridiculous comments made about sighthounds: they can't sit (tell that to Demi, CDX), they can't down (tell that one to Demi, too), they are too hard or stupid to train (tell that to any of them), and you can never let a sighthound off lead. Notice I have no comment for that last remark.

"Jody and Demi, my eldest whippets, came to me at the beginning of my dog training life, and they endured much. Fortunately, my old girls turned out just fine. They have obedience and agility titles to prove they can perform just like the 'working' breeds. Maybe not just like them, but you know what I mean. I could take these girls anywhere and know that they would listen to me. I believe I still can.

"Pepsi, the youngest, is a different kind of whippet all together. Now Jody has prey drive, but Pepsi, well, Pepsi has PREY DRIVE. I can call Jody off anything. These days Jody doesn't go after much. Pepsi on the other hand has caught raccoons in my backyard, and I'm sure a squirrel is in her near future.

"Today, Pepsi and I ran in open standard agility at the Savannah Kennel Club trial. The trial is held in a state park where there are lots of birds. This particular sunny afternoon, a large flock of grackles, those dark garbage birds, decided the field next to the agility ring was perfect for sunning and pecking. Pepsi and I got on the start line to run. Pepsi stayed until asked to jump, then she took off--cleared jump 1, cleared jump 2, then the PREY DRIVE kicked in and she took off, ran across the ring then under the cloth strip of ring gate and into the flock of grackles! Grackles went everywhere, while I stood lonely and feeling alone in the agility ring. One "Pepsi, Come!" and back she came, through the tunnel, to the teeter, jump, jump, go scramble!--damn it, those grackles had settled back down and were in her direct line of vision, so off she went again! Another "Pepsi, Come!" and back to the A frame, tunnel, dogwalk, jump, chute, flying to the table--"WHOA"--she stopped on a dime, laid down, the judge laughed. Back through the tunnel, tire, weaves--missed that entry again, triple jump, and done with the course. This was one wild run.

"The good parts: Pepsi stayed at the start line, got all her contacts, had an incredible table, two FABULOUS recalls, and even with all that bird chasing, she did not exceed maximum course time.

"Moral of the story: You can let your sighthound off leash, just either be sure the grackles have some place else to sun, or train your dog to come when it is called!

"We had a good day. I love it when people come up to me and tell me what a wonderful dog I have, and even with her bird chasing episodes, I had folks tell me that today. She is way cool, and hopefully one day playing agility will be more appealing than chasing birds, but if not, it ain't nothing. Pepsi is still fun to watch, even when she is misbehaving."

Physical Description: Fawn brindle with black mask and white on the chest. Black eyes.

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