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photo of Ever at 5 months

GraceGift Whatever Works
Female whippet born 21 April 2003
photo at 5 months

Sire: Shoreline Barje DJ Kid
Dam: Kentfield's Atalanta, WRCh

Breeder: Adele C. Monroe, DVM (GraceGift)
Owners: Ford & Cordrey family, Cookeville, TN


Ever is very toy oriented, a natural retriever, and quick to learn new games. She is a social butterfly who loves to cuddle with anybody and everybody. Raised at GraceGift, at 15 months of age, Ever joined her brother Philippides in Tennessee, where she is enjoying a career in agility. After about 6 weeks in her new home, I received this in an e-mail:

"We do have our moments with her. Several weeks ago I was doing some training in the kitchen, and didn't have a treat in hand. The closest thing I could grab was some blueberries, drying on the kitchen counter. Later I went into the next room. I didn't hear anything at all, but when I returned to the kitchen, Ever was standing, all four feet, on the kitchen counter, eating blueberries! She had a happy, 'Look Mom, I found blueberries!' look on her face! Much like a cat, she is such a graceful jumper who uses only the power needed to get where she wants to go, and I never heard her. I never even dreamed I'd find her there and I was floored! Needless to say, we don't dry blueberries there anymore."

Ever got her name because the first two weeks of her life, I thought she was lazy; all she did was eat and sleep. Then I realized that, like her dam, she was spending not a single calorie beyond that required to accomplish the task at hand. Her style matched my pragmatic, task-oriented, no frills approach to life, hence her name.

Too fast to keep up with, even at 8 months of age.

Physical Description: Seal black with a white throat, chest, tail tip, and feet. Black eyes. Height: 18.88 inches.

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