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North Carolina, USA

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The Philosophies of Life
Litter born April 21, 2003

Puppy Rearing Plan: The "blueprint" I designed for raising confident, well-adjusted pups.
Puppy Rearing Log: What actually happened, with links to photos of the pups when young.

Click photo to go to each pup's page. Pup "color" is the collar color when still with littermates.

GraceGift Paddle in th'Water, CR
"red" male
photo at 4.75 months

GraceGift Life is a Journey, CR JC
"purple" female
photo at 6 weeks

GraceGift Sky's the Limit, CFF II
"green" male
photo at 5 months

GraceGift Kick It Up a Notch, WRCh
"yellow" male
photo at 4 months

GraceGift Glass Half Full, CGC SC OA OAJ RA
"red" female
photo at 4 months

GraceGift Whatever Works
"green" female
photo at 5 months

GraceGift Go the Distance, OA OAJ
"purple" male
photo at 5.5 months

GraceGift Angels Among Us
"blue" male
photo at 6 weeks

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