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Whiz Kid

side view of Whiz


head view of whiz

Shoreline Barje DJ Kid

Male whippet
born 11 August 2000

Sire: Shoreline's Psycho Jet, WRChX
Dam: FC Lyth Ripper, ORC SC

Bred by: Barbara Bussman (Barje)

Raised by: Jim and Lynda Campo (Shoreline)


Whiz Kid joined the GraceGift family in November 2002 and settled into the household without a hitch. He is very social, a natural retriever who learns quickly and is willing to please. His love of people, intelligence, and high trainability were key factors in my decision to have him sire the first litter at GraceGift.

Whiz's pedigree contains several top racing whippets of the recent and more distant past. Whiz's sire Deion ran his entire career in the shadow of his more famous brother Natron (Shoreline's Relentless Jet, WRChX-6). At nearly 6 years of age, Deion was still running strong enough to place 10th in the WRA National Race Meet. Held in October 2002, this meet had 105 adult entries. Whiz's dam is a daughter of Lyth Satus, ARM SORC-3, all-time point earner under the American Whippet Club's National Points Racing program (disbanded in the mid-1990s). Whiz's dam is a granddaughter of Tom Terrific, ORC, a UK import that appears in the pedigrees of many successful racing whippets.

After giving Whiz time off while I raised my first litter, I had planned to restart his race training in the fall of 2003, when I started training his pups. However, in September 2003, he suffered an injury that does not affect his quality of life as a companion, but put an end to any hopes of a performance career. With the knowledge and consent of the people who raised him, Whiz Kid retired to a home where he is well loved, has to share the couch with only one other dog, and gets to be the "best buddy" he always wanted to be.

Physical Description: Seal black with brindle stripes and white throat, chest, & toes. Height: 21.5 inches (54.6 cm). Weight: 38 pounds (17.3 kg). (Seal black is a variation of black that produces a dark brown coat with a black nose.)

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