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photo of Paddler
photo by Shari Bryant

GraceGift Paddle in th'Water CR
Male whippet born 21 April 2003

Sire: Shoreline Barje DJ Kid
Dam: Kentfield's Atalanta, WRCh
Breeder: Adele C. Monroe, DVM (GraceGift)


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Paddler has a boundless enthusiasm for life. Everybody he meets, human or canine, is his new best friend. Fun loving yet sensible, Paddler loves to retrieve, play the training game, go for walks, and just be with people.

Paddler is a "natural" at chasing white plastic bags. Raced only a couple of times as an adolescent, he picked up two WRCh points.

From the Philosophies of Life litter, Paddler's name came from the whitewater canoeing class I took in college. We learned canoe handling in the olympic-sized swimming pool on campus. The week before our first whitewater canoeing trip, Coach told the class, "When you see whitewater, don't panic. Put your paddle in the water. If you do something wrong, you will know right quick, but put your paddle in the water." That philosophy captures the essence of Paddler. He has never hesitated to charge ahead into the unknown. For example, when only 20 days old, he discovered the "tunnel" between the whelping crate and whelping pen wall.

Physical Description: Seal black with a small white spot on chest. Black eyes. Height: 22.2 inches. Weight: 42 lbs. Neutered.

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