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GraceGift Life is a Journey

Female whippet born 21 April 2003
photo by Jim Poor

Sire: Shoreline Barje DJ Kid
Dam: Kentfield's Atalanta, WRCh

Breeder, chef, chauffeur, personal trainer: Adele C. Monroe, DVM (GraceGift)
Co-owner: Shari Bryant


November 2008: Journey is closely atuned to me and has the potential to be an awesome Canine Freestyle Federation (CFF) freestyle dog. At the CFF trial in Virginia, my first time in a freestyle ring, Journey gave a glimpse of that potential and earned a qualifing score and her CFF-II title on the first attempt.

November 2010: Finding music and developing a level-3 CFF routine took 2 years, but I enjoyed every step along the way. Journey showed the progress she had made during those years and earned the CFF-III title on the weekend we debuted the routine.

In the first hours after birth, every time a puppy caught my eye and I asked, "Which pup is climbing on Atalanta?" or "Which pup is trying to crawl around to the other side of Atalanta?" or "Which pup is climbing on top of the other pups?," it was always this bitch. By the time the first 24 hours had passed, I knew Journey would stay with me.

Journey's mission in life is to remind me every day that life's destinations (titles earned, etc.) are not really important. What is important are the dogs and people that share my life and that I encounter along life's journey.

With an endearing way of greeting people and a cuteness factor way off the scale, Journey melts the heart of everyone she meets.

Journey LOVES to run! photo at 8 months

Physical Description: Heavily brindled, red brindle with black mask and a white throat, chest, tail tip, and feet. Black eyes. 19 inches (48.3 cm). 26 lbs (12 kg).

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