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Green Powder Formulas

These are formulas for the Green Powders that I use as part of my dogs' regular diet. I make no claim regarding their suitability for other dogs in other management settings. For every 30 to 35 pounds of body weight, I feed about 1 teaspoon of Green Powder daily. I may feed as much as twice this amount if a dog is ill or stressed.

Ingredient Formula One Formula Two Formula Three Formula Four
Source (seaweed meal for horses) 3 2 5 3
Norwegian Kelp 2 2 2 2
Organic Alfalfa Powder 2 4 none none
Spirulina Powder 2 none none 2
Bee Pollen 1 2 2 2
Organic Garlic Powder 1 1 1 1
Organic Lemon Peel Granules 1 1 2 2
Total Units of Measure 12 12 12 12

For each ingredient, the number listed indicates the number of units of measure to use in making the formula. For a single small animal, you might use a tablespoon as the unit of measure to make a small batch. If you have large dogs, or several animals, you might use a 1/4 cup or a 1/2 cup measure as the unit of measure.

This powder is quite dusty. I recommend that you put the measured ingredients in a large container with a lid. Turn the container upside down several times to mix the ingredients thoroughly. Let mixture settle. Once mixed, the powder can be transferred to a smaller container for convenience.

Store all ingredients in tightly sealed containers protected from exposure to light.

Source (for horses) contains several different seaweed species, none of which is kelp. The company routinely monitors the product to make sure it is not contaminated by heavy metals or other toxins. Source is available in 22-ounce jars or 5-pound buckets from K-V Vet Supply in Nebraska (1-800-423-8211).

Norweigian Kelp is available from many sources, including health food and herb stores that sell herbs in bulk and pet supply companies. One source with good prices for large quantities is Care-A-Lot Pet Supply in Virginia (1-800-343-7680).

The other ingredients can be obtained from herb or health food stores that sell herbs in bulk. Any store that carries products from Frontier Natural Products Coop can special order one-pound quantities for you. Or you can order direct from Frontier yourself.

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