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This list is not intended to be comprehensive in scope, but to identify resources and links that are particularly valuable for people who are exploring these topics. New items will be added periodically.

Alternative Veterinary Medicine

AltVedMed Web Site
A very informative site with information on alternative and complementary veterinary medicine. Includes articles on natural flea control, allergies, etc. Many links to holistic veterinary medical associations across the country.


Flying Dog Press
        Suzanne Clothier's excellent web site packed with articles and books on dog behavior, training, and developing a true partnership with your dog. Includes information about her seminars.

Dogwise This site specializes in books about dogs.

Clicker Training

Don't Shoot the Dog  
        Karen Pryor's web site with books, videos, and seminars on clicker training.

Clicker Journal
        Published every two months. Includes articles by many clicker trainers (multiple animal species), book reviews, and information about upcoming seminars.

Shirley Chong's site
Packed with examples of using clicker training to teach specific behaviors. Be sure to check out Shirley's really reliable recall - lesson 6 under keepers.

Clicker Solutions
Web site for the clicker solutions email discussion list. Excellent training tips on the site.

Web site for the ClickTrain email discussion list. Lots of links to clicker training and operant conditioning web sites.

Web site for the click-l email discussion list. Link to the clicker training web ring.

Email Discussion Lists

Email discussion lists on dog-related topics.

Yahoogroups hosts numerous email lists on dog-related topics. Search terms of interest to viewers of this web site include "BARF," "clicker training," "natural rearing," "raw diet," "alternative medicine," "holistic medicine," and "holistic health care."

Smartgroups also hosts numerous email lists, including whippet-open and whippet-zone, whose members represent people interested in all aspects of life with whippets, but particularly performance sports.

Natural Health Products for Dogs and Cats

Green Hope Farm Flower Essences    1-603-469-3662 (New Hampshire)
        Excellent flower essences for animals and humans. The staff at Green Hope Farm is happy to help you find the essences that meet your individual needs. Some of my personal favorites:
        Arbor Garden: emotional or physical stress
        Animal Emergency Care: physical stress, fading puppies, recovery from surgery, etc.
        Bignonia: fading puppies, acute illness or health crisis, low vitality from any cause
        Chicory: for domineering individuals and those operating "in ego"
        Indian Pipe: promotes peace, calmness, harmony
        Rose a Parfum de L'Hay: "cabin fever" or a restless desire for more, bigger, better, or different
        Summer Snowflake: adapting to changes, including seasonal temperature changes and extremes of heat and cold
        The Animal Wellness Collection: 22 essences designed for animals.

Nature's Farmacy    1-800-733-4981 (Georgia)
        Mail order source of Fastrack probiotic supplement, Dog Bloom vitamin/mineral supplements, bulk kelp, powdered sodium ascorbate (non-acidic Vitamin C) and many other health care products for pets.

NuPro All-Natural Dog Supplement    1-800-360-3300 (New Jersey)
        Contains: Norweigian kelp, ground flaxseed, nutritional yeast, desiccated liver, bee pollen, garlic, steamed bone meal, lecithin, ground borage seed, Lactobacillus acidophilus. The company also makes an electrolyte formula and supplements for ferrets and cats.

Frontier Natural Products Coop
        Source of bulk herbs, herbal teas, flavorings, dried foods, and other products.

The Vitamin Shoppe     1-800-223-1216 (New Jersey)
        Offers a wide range of name-brand and in-house brand vitamins, herbs, books, and other health care products for humans (and some pet products) at a discount off suggested retail. One source of Nutribiotic GSE Liquid and Capsules Plus.

Natural Rearing, Holistic Breeding

Naturally Reared Support Supplier & Practitioner Directory
        Web site has an excellent book list on natural rearing and holistic pet care, sources of products, and directory of natural rearing breeders of whippets and other sighthounds.

Wellpet Web Site
      Web site that corresponds to the wellpet email discussion list. Packed full of articles on natural health care for pets. Instructions for subscribing to the wellpet list is included. Extensive links.

Natural Rearing Breeders Directory
        A listing of dog and cat breeders who use natural rearing methods. Updated annually. A printed version is available on request.

Raw Diets for Dogs and Cats

Example Raw Diet Program
       The meal plan that Dr. Monroe follows is based on Kymythy Schultze's book and is described in the Health Maintenance Program section of the GraceGift Whippet site. This is just one example of a program that can be used to feed a raw diet. There are many equally successful feeding schedules.

Frozen Raw Diet
       Nu Dimensions Nutrition, Inc. is a family-owned business that prepares a frozen raw diet for dogs and cats from organic vegetables and hormone-free, antibiotic-free meats. These diets contain no grain. For more information, see the Nu Dimensions web site.

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