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Classes are held at the Durham Kennel Club (DKC) training building on Guess Road. This facility is fully matted with 3/4-inch rubber matting and climate controlled. If you need directions to the DKC building, please see the DKC Web site.

For handlers new to Rally, DKC offers classes during the week that introduce handlers to the Rally signs and exercises. See the DKC Web site for information.

For printable versions of the AKC Rally regulations (only 10 pages) and descriptions of the signs and how to perform the exercises, see "Regulations" and "Resources" link). Also follow this link for a file you can print to make practice signs.

Weekend class format. Nested coursework is for handlers who already know the signs and for dogs that are being readied for exhibition. Each course will have all three levels: excellent, advanced, and novice. An excellent (or advanced) course is the "skeleton" for the course, and novice and advanced (or excellent) signs are embedded. When multiple signs appear at a station, handlers will choose which to perform (white background = novice; yellow background = advanced; blue background = excellent). These courses may not meet all the specifications of a regulation course (for example, the course may not have two jumps as required by excellent courses), but are meant to provide a realistic ring setting and a valuable training experience. Beginning in the fall of 2008, for most sessions, a volunteer will serve as a "judge." Participants may ask the judge to provide feedback during the course or after completing the course.

Courtesies of the class. Multiple handlers, without dogs, may walk through the course at the same time during the orientation time. However, only one dog-handler team will perform the course at a time. Registration and walk-through is the first 15 minutes of the session. Participants who arrive after the orientation time may not get the opportunity to walk through the course before performing it, but will be welcome to study the course diagram before their turn on the course.

Fee is $5 per run through the course. The number of runs for each 1-hour session is limited, and handlers should indicate the total number of runs they want when they preregister.

Because of the limited number of runs per hour, you must preregister for each date. Entries are accepted on a first-registered basis, with priority given to previous participants and DKC members if an overflow occurs.

Contact Adele, e-mail preferred, whippets at nc.rr.com (replace "at" with the symbol and close up the space), or phone 1.919.596.0613 (leave message), with the following information:
(1) date(s)
(2) the total number of runs you want
(3) your phone number, in case we need to reach you on short notice

See the DKC calendar for dates.

Rally information and resources

Updated 2006 December 29